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Senior woman with her caregiver at home

We Provide Home Care in the Watford and the Surrounding Areas

We are a trusted home care provider

Home Care Services: Welcome

Home Care Services For Your Needs

Three Rivers Homecare offers a wide range of home care services to meet your individual requirements. We understand that you want someone to care for and understand your loved one's needs, not just provide them with practical assistance. As a result, we provide services that are specifically tailored to you. So, whether you need us to help administer medication and get them out of bed, or if you just need us to visit the house to help with tasks like shopping or housekeeping, our expert carers are always here to help.

We take great pride in helping people improve their lives and maintain their independence.

Personal care assistant looking at photograph with senior woman

Personal Care Services

We are pride ourselves on offering high-quality personal care to your loved one, and assisting them in sticking to a daily routine. Our personal care includes all activities involving the human body and its care. We'll talk about your needs and come up with a special routine that will be detailed in your care plan. 

Our personal care services include:

  • Showering and bathing

  • Oral hygiene

  • Toileting

  • Getting out of or back into bed

  • Dressing and undressing

  • Skincare and hair care

  • Meal preparation 

  • Food and beverages

  • Overnight care

End of Life Care

Three Rivers Homecare is here to help you or a family member who is suffering from a terminal illness. We are committed to reducing and preventing patients suffering at all stages of the disease. Our employees are supportive and caring, and they can assist you and your family during the most difficult times ahead.

We assist you with: pain management, keeping you/your loved one as comfortable as possible, medication monitoring, and much more.

Medical Visit - elderly care -- dare-deforming arthritis
Full length of senior woman with female home caregiver walking arm in arm on street

Live in Care and Respite Care

We offer a variety of home care services to choose from. We provide professional respite care in the privacy of your own home for the elderly and people of all ages. Three Rivers Homecare can provide a friendly and suitable carer to help your loved one while you take some much-needed time for yourself. You can rely on our professionals if you need someone to cover the time off of the permanent carer.

Disability Care

Here at Three Rivers Homecare, we provide personal disability care and support to people with physical and mental disabilities. We help people who require additional support with their daily activities around the house. All of our services are tailored to each client, and we always put your needs first. We also provide the right carer for you. Contact our experts to discuss your needs.

Young physiotherapist exercising with elder disabled person
Home Care Services: Our Services
Persona Servies
End of Life Care
Live in Care/Respite Care
Physical and Mental Disability Care
Senior man struggling to us a walker His adult son is helping him

Dementia Care

We're here to help your loved ones whenever they need us.

We visit the house regularly or stay over, making sure they are capable to continue their daily life. 

Please give us a call if you have specific requirements for our carers.

Two seniors holding their hands in a nursing home with riddles and glasses on table

We're available seven days a week to discuss your home care needs and recommend the best option for you. Please get in touch with us on
07931 752879 or 01923 592785

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